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Alkaline Foods & Alkaline Foods List

The human body is quite capable of maintaining an acid-alkaline balance, supplying the organs with all the necessary Nutrients. Otherwise, if we don’t eat enough alkaline foods, our blood become acidic. It can cause diabetes, kidney disease, it can damage your liver and other organs. Therefore, Alkaline Diet is a very good solution!

How to maintain body's environment acid-free? You should eat Alkaline Foods such as green leafy vegetables, watermelon nuts, bananas, carrots, broccoli, cucumber, potatoes, etc. Alkaline Foods List can help you to know how your diet should look like.
Well-balanced and regular meals are basic prerequisites for our health. Our diet should contain 60-80% of alkaline-forming foods and only 20-40% of acid-forming foods.
You can find Alkaline Foods List Here
You can print Alkaline Food List and keep it on the shopping bag or on the fridge.

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Alkaline Diet. How to Become More Alkaline and Less Acidic

Alkaline Diet means something much more than just food consumption. PH level of our body greatly depends on the food we eat, but it also depends on our lifestyle. It is very important that the blood is not too acidic. Try to maintain high body's pH levels in the following ways:

1. Eat Alkaline Diet
2. Take care of the health of the lungs and breathe properly

We can say in short that a majority of fruits and vegetables are alkaline foods, and meat, eggs, and a large percentage of dairy products are non-alkaline or acidic foods, because they cause an acid reaction.
Alkaline Diet is an easy way to stay healthy. There are a huge number of benefits, we will mention some of them:

1. It maintains proper cell functioning
2. It slows the aging process
3. It reduces Inflammation and pain
4. The fight against bacterial infection
5. The fight against Obesity.

Are these good enough reasons to try Alkaline Diet and Alkaline Foods?