Mediterranean Diet Menu & Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan     

What is the Mediterranean Diet, Mediterranean diet meal plan

The Mediterranean diet is a natural way to protect our health and to get rid of excess weight. Mediterranean diet is similar to semi-vegetarian diet. Mediterranean diet plan is based on fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as fish, olive oil and legumes.
The people who live in the Mediterranean area eat like this for centuries. Therefore, the Mediterranean diet meal plan doesn't represent a specific dietary program. It's a lifestyle.
Let's find out!

Cardiac diet Mediterranean Diet Menu: Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan 1320

Why the Mediterranean Diet?
There are a many benefits of the Mediterranean diet.
It reduces the risk of:
Cardiovascular diseases,
Alzheimer's disease,
Allergic hurt,
It also lowers blood pressure and blood fats. In the long term, the Mediterranean diet plan leads to long-term reduction of body weight.

Mediterranean diet meal plan is based on listed below basic foodstuffs:
  • Seasonal Vegetables (the most common are zucchini, asparagus, tomato, onion) and seasonal Fruits (orange, melon, watermelon, grapes, lemons, pomegranates, peaches, apricots, cherries).
  • Olive oil
  • Dairy products (quite moderate)
  • Eggs (up to four times per week)
  • Fish (at least three times a week) and Poultry are the main source of animal protein. And a Red meat is rarely consumed.

Cardiac diet Mediterranean Diet Menu & Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan 1320

These Mediterranean Diet Foods, that are combined with red wine, make the Mediterannean diet real hedonic experience.
Mediterranean diet prolongs lifespan. For example, a large number of scientific studies have proven: traditional Greek cuisine has a positive effect on health, prevents the most serious forms of heart disease and even the cancer development.

Primarily, Healthy mediterranean diet is low in calories, there is little cholesterol and plenty of ballast substances. Mediterranean diet provides our body with sufficient amounts of vitamins (especially vitamins C and E), beta-carotene and omega-3 fatty acids too.
And what else is so special about the Mediterranean Diet Menu? Red wine! Polyphenols from red wine are the best fighters of free radicals, ie. they are powerful antioxidants. Two glasses of wine a day could affect very beneficial to health. Cheers!

How to Lose Weight With a Mediterranean Diet

Whether you want to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight, try the Mediterranean Diet Plan.

If you are wondering How to Lose Weight With a Mediterranean Diet, you should know: This is the diet that you will not have to starve! Sounds great!

What should you eat?

Cereals and cereal products, rice, bread, pasta
1 slice of bread, 30 g cornflakes, 1/2 cup of pasta, 1/2 cup of cooked rice,
Fruit and vegetables
1 cup of fresh fruit (or vegetables), 1/2 cup of cooked fruit or vegetables, 1 apple, 2 kiwis.
Milk and milk products
1 cup milk or cheese 30-50 g.

Several times a week
Poultry meat, fish and eggs
1 servings: 60-90 g meat, 30 g of fish, 1 egg
Several times a month
Red meat and sweets
1 servings of 60-90 g of meat, 1 small dessert

Try the traditional Mediterranean recipes, lose weight, feel like you're full of energy and cheer up your family.