Foods to avoid During Pregnancy

Feeding (nutrition plan) for Pregnant Women should provide Nutritious Food that can satisfy the needs of mother and child. This allows woman to avoid Weight Gain. During pregnancy the need for Calories and Vitamins increases, but if you are well informed and if you are careful about what you eat, you'll enjoy these 9 months. Food quality is more important than quantity, to your Metabolism Function Optimally, and to preserve your Health and Beauty. Being overweight during pregnancy causes several complications, but it can be avoided if you follow some basic rules.

Foods to avoid Foods to avoid while pregnant 283

Here are a few simple Tips that should be followed during pregnancy:

1. Avoid White Bread. Replace it with Wholemeal Bread.
2. Avoid Coffee and Sodas! Consume tea and natural fruit juices instead.
3. White Sugar replace with Honey and Brown Sugar.
4. Consume Low-fat Cheese instead of fat Cheese.
5. Cut out Processed Meat Products, and eat Fish and Chicken.
6. Salt replace with Herbal Spices.
7. Yogurt and Milk eat 3 times a day, and choose those with less milk fat.
8. Increase your intake of Fruits and Vegetables, which contain essential vitamins and minerals.
9. Avoid Sweets and Snacks, and eat: Dried Fruits, Nuts, Walnuts and Almonds.
10. Forget about Industrial Food and Fatty Sauces, and eat as much Fresh Food.
11. Increase your intake of foods containing Calcium and Iron.
12. Freely eat: Soups, Stews, Vegetables (cooked the grilled), Fish (fried and boiled) and Milk (skim).
13. Eat boiled Eggs instead of fried eggs.
14. Pasta is permitted, but choose pasta of the whole-wheat flour and without fatty dressings.

List of foods you should avoid during pregnancy

1. A little cooked and raw eggs. Your immune system is weaker, which means that you are now in pregnancy more susceptible to infections.
2. Sushi. Raw fish can contain bacteria or microbes, which may lead to food poisoning.
3. Raw Fish.
4. Smoked Meat. There is the risk of harmful bacteria listeria, which is located in dried and smoked meat. The meat must cook or bake.
5. Soft cheeses made from unpasteurized milk. Soft cheeses may contain bacteria. Hard cheeses are safer.
6. Coffee and caffeine drinks should definitely be avoided.
7. Saccharin is injurious.
8. Spicy Foods. May cause interference with digestion.
9. Alcohol. Definitely avoid. A Many scientific studies have demonstrated the harmful effects of Alcohol during pregnancy.