Gluten Free Food - The Truth About Gluten free Diets     


Gluten is a protein that is most often present in wheat, rye and barley. 

Should you Go Gluten-Free Foods?

Why is gluten an enemy to certain people?
1. It can be fatal for people with celiac disease.
2. It bad influences people sensitive to gluten who do not have celiac disease.

Any application of Gluten-free Diet in a healthy person doesn't have any impact on their health.

GLUTEN FREE DIET: How to avoid these common gluten free mistakes

1.How to recognize Celiac disease?

Any particular Diet as a lifestyle is nothing new, it goes in some cycles and all that depends upon the power of the campaign, which invests in the promotion of something. Therefore, a many people around the world switch over to a Gluten-free diet. In the USA, one out of every 133 people suffers from Celiac disease. Of course, there is a mild Allergic Sensitivity that appears in some people, but it is not a disease. We need to know the difference. Moreover, there are people who convince themselves that they are sick, consciously and unconsciously.
Anyway, Gluten-free Diet should not be a matter of fashion and caprice.

The body responds to a foreign invader that can not be controlled. This problem occurs because the body works unselectively and instead to eliminate only the substance that makes the problem it attacks and cells of the small intestine with various products of inflammatory reactions.The Celiac disease is usually manifested in childhood, but it is not a rule. Actually, this is hardly recognizable disease as it manifests itself differently. In any case, your doctor should conduct the laboratory and immunological analysis.

2. How to avoid a necessary risk in Gluten-free Diet?

Ok, you found out the diagnosis of Celiac disease and you are aware of the only way to a healthy life, and it's Gluten-free Foods.  Here are several useful tips to get rid of worries:
  • Take a special shelf in the storage for keeping Gluten-free Foods and also mark each of them. 
  • Keep prepared meals in the sealed containers to avoid contamination of Gluten-free Meals.
  • Before cooking and preparing Gluten-free meals, clean the kitchen worktops, kitchenware, kitchen appliances etc. 
  • Of course, read product declarations when purchasing your Gluten-Free products in the stores.

3. Misconception about Carbs

Gluten-free and carbohydrate-free is not the same thing. Just pay attention to the product labels. Actually, there are a lot of grains and carbs that do not contain Gluten. These are Beans, Flax, Quinoa, Polenta, Soy, Tapioca, Millet, Kasha and many others.

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GLUTEN FREE FOODS: Stay Healthy on Gluten-free Diet

If you need to follow a Gluten-free Diet, then try to learn as much as possible in order to eat well and to stay healthy and full of energy. The right knowledge of Gluten-free Food is gained progressively, so keep that in mind. Gather information, listen to audio books, read certain books... Here is a recommended Youtube video which can be handy.

You can also check these books about Gluten-free Diet on Amazon.
Go ahead, Eat healthy and Be happy!