Finger foods for kids & Finger sandwich recipes     

Definition of Finger Food

What is a finger food? We've all heard about it. Sometimes we are not sure of the meaning of some terms, so it is advisable to explain what finger food is in order to properly prepare and consume these delicious snacks. It is the food fragmented in such a way that it can be taken with two fingers and eaten immediately.
What do hot dog, nachos, rolls, bruschetta, fried chicken wings, salt sticks, spring rolls, French fries, crackers have in common? They are eaten with your hand. Or, it can be said in a more sophisticated way that they are a group of finger foods. Modern gastronomy introduced the term finger food to include an increasing number of foods that are eaten:
1. With hands.
2. While standing.
3. In a single bite.

Healthy dinner recipes Finger foods for kids & Finger sandwich recipes 1316

Before finger food there was a cold starter. It was usually served before the main meal. Like cold appetizer before, the modern finger foods are representing surprises and aesthetics more than good cooking. After all, their task is often limited to preparing the stomach for alcohol, which is introduced into the body between each small bite.
If you have a reason to celebrate, and you decide to prepare finger foods for a party, you should know what are advantages and disadvantages of this kind of food. If you decide to organize a dinner with finger foods for the party, you will save time for washing plates and forks, but you have to consider the possible suffering of the couch and carpet, so it is best to remove or cover them. If your choice falls on the buffet table, make sure about the time intervals and do not put all food immediately on the table, because it will be eaten too fast.
Finger food is primarily a matter of form and aesthetics, not the content. That is why it should contain plenty of colors and shapes, to be attractive and nicely decorated. Therefore, everything that exists in large portions, may, with a lot of patience and precision become a little.
Except the table with food, you have to think on the table with the drinks. They must not be next to each other, because it could lead to a traffic jam. Red and white wine purchase in sufficient quantities, because many do not like to mix.

Finger foods for kids

Perhaps, this is the most important food for children. Finger foods for kids are adapted for easier food consumption in children. Its importance is not only in feeding the baby. It is also an important step in kid’s development. It is a step toward independence during which are developed fine motor skills and coordination in the baby. Finger Feeding make a mess and everything will be smudged: and dishes, and table and stool, and a baby. However, do not be anxious to immediately wash everything. Allow the baby to enjoy the new magical knowledge and gaining new experiences.

Despite the fact that baby has a good appetite, if there are no little teeth, you should offer food that can be overcome with the gums or dissolved in the mouth. Baby will eventually be able to eat a bigger bite, regardless of the type of food. But, at first-be careful. The baby learns about food texture, smell, color, taste, and therefore should be offered a variety of foods.

Healthy dinner recipes Finger foods for kids & Finger sandwich recipes 1316

Here are some finger foods recipes that are suitable for acceptance with kid’s fingers:
- Well-cooked pasta, such as spirals, cut into pieces and cold pasta salad.
- Bits of biscuits or roll.
- A very small pieces of cheese
- Chopped hard-boiled egg
- A small piece of banana or other very ripe peeled fruit without seeds, such as plum, pear, peach, apricot, melon or watermelon without seeds.
- Small pieces of well-cooked vegetables, carrots, zucchini, potatoes, broccoli or cauliflower.
- Pieces of well-cooked chicken, beef or turkey or other soft meat chopped up to the size of a pea.

Finger sandwich recipes

Healthy dinner recipes Finger foods for kids & Finger sandwich recipes 1316

Sandwiches have always been a great option for serving at parties. They are easy to prepare, and everyone loves them.
There are many great finger foods recipes that are easy to make. Here is one:


- 2 small milk bread
- 200g Gouda
- 120g pressed ham
- 140g pickled cucumbers,
- 400g paste,
- 1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
Preparation time is about 45 min. Difficulty is medium.
1. Cut off the ends of the bread and scoop out the soft part with a wooden spoon.
2. Cut ham and cheese into cubes.
3. Pate, cheese, ham, cucumber and pepper mix well in a homogeneous mixture.
4. Hollowed bread fill with the mix and leave it at least two hours in the refrigerator.

Well chilled, cut into slices and serve.
The best will be to prepare these delicious sandwiches the day before, the flavors will permeate better.