Healthy Meats and Types of meats

Meat is animal muscle tissue which is used for human and animal nutrition. There are several types of meat: the Beef and Veal, Pork and Piglet meat, Mutton and lamb, Goat meat, Chicken, Horse Meat, Rabbit Meat, Meat of Wild Animals and Fish. Meat is prepared by roasting, by cooking, stewing and frying. Meat is an important source of biologically valuable proteins, iron, zinc, copper and vitamin B12. Meat contains greater or lesser quantities of fat, particularly saturated fat, then the phospholipids, cholesterol, and the oxidation products of cholesterol liposoluble vitamins.

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Calorie Counter for Meat

If you are fond of meat, and if you're on a diet, here are useful information about calories in meat. Calories in 100 grams of meat.

Lamb - 178 calories. Chicken drumstick - 80 calories. Chicken breast - 75 calories. Turkey meat - 122 calories. Steak (thin, grilled) - 164 calories. Meat loaf - 149 calories. Bacon - 591 calories. Baloney - 507 calories. Pork sausages - about 324 calories. Hot dogs (beef + pork) – 320 cal. Mutton – 246 cal. Venison – 123 cal. Veal meat -105.

Codfish Fillets - only 70 calories. Tuna in oil – 303 cal. Mackerel – 195. Sardines in oil – 240. Salmon – 217. Squid – 77. Herring – 155. Lobster – 86. Oyster – 49. Trout – 112.
View the table below:

Meet, fish, eggs MEAT, LEAN MEAT, HEALTHY MEATS   294

Healthy Organic Meat

Organic Diet implies consumption of food that is grown or produced without artificial additives and chemicals. Scientific research proves that organic food is much healthier than the regular. Pesticides in food can cause depression and memory problems, in both children and adults. Eat organic foods and you'll be healthier.

Organically reared animals that are fed with varied organic food, have a natural taste of the meat. This meat provides more nutritional value than meat from animals that were fed with food full of additives (to gain weight as soon as possible). Antibiotics are allowed in organic production, but only those that don’t affect the creation of chemicals in the body. This is done to strict supervision of a veterinarian. Organic farming doesn’t produce these resistant microorganisms and consequently it affects the environmental protection and people's lives.

Organic Meat has to have a special label. For your safety, you can find a list of certification codes on the website of the European Commission.

Lean Meat

Buy from a reliable suppliers. Buy meat that has a declaration of a reliable quality control. Choose a lamb and rabbit meat. 100g of Lean Lamb provides only 100 calories. Rabbit meat is the same, about 100 calories. This meat is healthy and easy to digest. Lean veal contains about 92 calories. Chicken, on average, contains about 170 calories, but chicken breast meat contains considerably less (75 calories). Fish is great choice for your Diet.

Some useful Tips:

•Buy High-quality meat and don’t save the money. That’s better to eat a small amount of quality meat.
•Keep the meat in an appropriate method.
•Prepare the Meat Meals properly. Cooking and stewing are the best choices.

Meat Appetizers and Meals to make With Chicken

Menus usually start with cold appetizers. The goal of cold appetizers is to activate digestion. Meat appetizers should be prepared quickly. Cold appetizer of meat, are smoked meat products, a variety of baked and half-baked meats, meat pâté, liver pâté, meat salads and so on. Rolls and butter are usually served with Meat Appetizer. Cold appetizer of fish and crabs are: Fish Salad, Shrimp Cocktail, Octopus salad, smoked Trout.

Chicken Meals Tips

•When you are preparing dishes from chicken, be sure to use fresh chicken meat. Avoid frozen meat.
•Before preparing, the meat soak in salt water. Leave for a few minutes. Meat will be tasty, soft and juicy.
•Bake Chicken at about 165 degrees.
•If you fry the chicken, let it stand for a few minutes. So, all the juices stay in the meat. It only takes a few minutes, and it has a positive effect on the taste of meat.
•All pieces of meat should have the same thickness. In this way, each piece will be properly baked.
•The easiest and the fastest way to get the perfect Roast Chicken: add salt on meat before cooking, and its holes fill with half a lemon, some garlic and fresh herbs.
•Before placing in the oven, dry meat well. Finally, chicken skin will be crispy and delicious.