The Eight-hour Diet

This Meal Plan to Lose Weight means to eat for the period of 8 hours per day. In the 8 hours period we can eat Whatever we Want. Of course we should not exaggerate and overeat. After an Eight-hour period, there is a cycle of 16 hours when nothing should be eaten. And so every day. During the 16 hours the human body should be focused on Recovery and Rest, and not constant Digestion.

Time interval can be adjusted depending on your Daily Schedule and may even be different in different days of the week. The 8 Hour Diet should start with at least 3 days a week, Eight-hour schedule of food intake, and over time, depending on your personal feeling, Diet Program should be extended to 7 days.

General recommendations apply here - it's always better to Eat more Natural Healthy Foods and reduce Industrially Produced. However, during the 8 Hour Diet watch out to your caloric intake and you can lose weight fast. Healthy Diet Plan applies to Diet 8 hours. Because of It's important to Lose Weight, but it’s also important to take care of the General Health.

With this Diet Program you can Lose Weight in a Week, about 4 pounds. This is great, sure, for anyone who consider this pace to have meals suitable.

If you like the Diet 8 hours, and if you are interested to try it, you can buy the book The 8-Hour Diet

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Kefir Weight Loss Diet

An interesting Weight Loss Plan that involves consuming Kefir, very Healthy Milk Product.
There are many variations of Kefir Diet. All are based on daily intake of Kefir, differ in the number of additional foods, duration and, of course, the amount of Weight you will Lose.

For example:

• Kefir-fruit diet (great Lose Weight Fast Diet & Detox Diet)

A day to drink 1.5-2 liters of Skimmed Milk Kefir and eat Fruits and Vegetables in sufficient quantities to satisfy hunger. With this Diet, you can lose 4-5 pounds in three days.

• Kefir-apple diet - 7 day weight loss plan (Heavy Diet but Good Weight Loss Plan to prepare the body for the New Season)

Kefir-apple Diet lasts 7 days. During the Diet alternate Kefir and Apple days. You can drink 1.5 liters of Kefir or eat 1.5kg of Apples a day. This is a pretty strict Diet and is not recommended in winter, but it is recommended at the turn of one season to the next (spring-summer and summer-autumn). Weight loss is significant: up to 10 pounds for 7 days.

• Kefir Mono-diet (Lose Weight Fast Diet)

Kefir Mono diet is very difficult, but at the same time very Effective Diet for Weight Loss. This Kefir Diet is 3 days Weight Loss Plan, during which you can quickly lose 6-8 pounds.

During this diet you should daily drink 1-1.5 liters of fresh Low Fat Kefir, no added sugar, and 5-6 times a day. The intervals between use Kefir should be the same.

Weight loss diet GOOD DIET PLANS & GOOD DIET FOODS 284

Kefir Health Benefits

Kefir is a Healthy Food very rich vitamins and minerals. Kefir regulates blood pressure, has positive effect on the Immune System, has a favorable effect on the Stomach, Liver, and Kidneys, relieves fatigue and Stress.
Kefir Diet is one of the most popular Healthy Diets. Kefir is a Low Carb Food. It is a Detox Diet that stimulates digestion.

Easy Diet - Salad Diet

Salad diet is probably one of the easiest diets to learn and adopt. This Easy Diet Plan based on two main ideas: One is that if you want to Lose Weight you need to replace Higher-calorie Meals with Low-calorie Meals and the other is the inclusion of Salad in your meals, you can easily reduce your caloric intake on a daily basis.

This is one of the Easy diets but not a Quick diet. Following the Salad diet, you will probably lose somewhere between 3 and 5 pounds per month. How much you will lose greatly depends on your daily calorie intake, which is based in part on age, sex, height, weight, and of course daily activities.

You can start with eating at least Three Salads a week. Salads replace regular Meals that you normally eat. You should increase the number of Salads a week, until you reach that you eat at least one salad a day as a meal. An additional Benefit of the Salad Diet is that you can lower your cholesterol and blood pressure.

Ideal salads for this Easy Diet are those of Vegetables and Fruits but at the beginning you are free to use cheese, an occasional egg, tuna - to be more easily adjusted to a meal replacement. After that an ideal salad is large salad with mixed vegetables - all colors.

This is an Easy Diet Plan, Healthy Diet, and has many Benefits. It is better to lose weight slowly, because the greater the chances that you will achieve good results with Your Healthy Diet Plan.

Weight loss diet GOOD DIET PLANS & GOOD DIET FOODS 284