21 Alkaline Foods You Must Have In Your Daily Diet

When it comes to diets, we’ve heard of pretty much everything by now.

It’s no wonder that diets have long been linked to restriction and feelings of misery and despair! What many people don’t realise that committing to a “diet” doesn’t necessarily have to mean cutting out all the foods that you enjoy in the name of losing weight.

Alkaline Foods

The best diets are the ones that still allow you to eat delicious foods, but help you to stay healthier while doing so. A good example of such a diet is the alkaline diet.

You might not have heard too much about the alkaline diet, as it never really made it “big” in the health and fitness world in the same way that some other diets did.

Actually, though, it’s one of the healthiest and more varied diets you might come across, and offers a far more realistic chance of you actually sticking with it in the long run.

So, what actually is the alkaline diet?.

In short, it involves including foods with a higher alkaline content in your daily meals, which is thought to raise the body's pH to make it less acidic and more alkaline.

A more alkaline pH promotes weight loss, without the need for cutting food out, and fights disease. Because the diet generally encourages you to increase your intake of healthier, plant-based sources, your food choices alone will help you to live more healthily and benefit from the nutritional value of the foods you’re eating. 

So what are the issues with our bodies being too acidic ?.

While certain acids aren’t a problem for our overall health, an excessive acidity in the body can lead to a number of disorders and diseases, including a breakdown of healthy cells, muscle wasting, anxiety and depression, digestive issues such as bloating and constipation, and increased fatigue.

Balancing out the body’s acid levels with an alkaline diet is the easiest way to avoid these symptoms. 

If you’re convinced to give the alkaline diet a go, you’re probably wondering which foods have a higher alkaline content.
Stay tuned to discover the top 16 alkaline foods for a healthy body:

1. Beet Greens 

Beet Greens

Beet Greens are one of the world’s most alkaline foods.
Although beet greens aren’t the most popular green in our diets, their high alkalinity score makes them one of the best additions to moot hies or stir-fries.
In addition to being high alkaline, beet greens also have a bitter quality that may help stimulate bile production to help you better digest fats.

Beet greens can replace any green in salads, soups or smoothies.

2. Bananas 


Bananas, aka Potassium Sticks, are another highly alkaline food that you won’t want to leave out of your diet.

Bananas are also a great source of fiber, which help promote digestive regularity and sweep toxins out of your digestive tract.
While most people tend to avoid bananas to prevent weight gain due to their high sugar content, eating a banana is far better for you than eating a granola bar or some other processed food that’s packed full of sugar and acidifying ingredients.

3. Tofu 


Tofu is an alkaline food derived from soybeans, so much of their beneficial effects can be similarly obtained from eating soy based products.
Tofu is an almost perfect byproduct of soybean curds; it is low calorie, but a verified source of protein and iron.
Tofu is also rich in isoflavones, which can be protective against age related heart and brain disease.

4. Watermelon 


Watermelons usually gain popularity as a part of our daily diet during the summer.
But there is no reason why you should not make it a part of your daily diet throughout the year.
Not only is it packed with water and nutrients, it also possesses a which can be extremely beneficial in improving your overall health.
It is well-known that watermelon contains certain essential vitamins and minerals.
It is also rich in antioxidants which make it a powerful Anti-cancer fruit, the high fiber content that is present in watermelon is good at helping you maintain healthy bowels and a healthy heart.

5. Apricot 


Apricots are high in alkalinity when served raw, but dried their alkaline content skyrockets.
The theory is that dehydrating not only concentrates flavor, but also the nutrients that make apricots
However, proceed with caution if you think dried fruits are a better choice than raw.
Drying may improve the alkaline profile, but you may end up eating too many apricots this way. This translates into more calories and sugar, so be conscious of how much you eat.

6. Green beans 

Green beans

Another green diamond to add to your routine are green beans.
Green beans are popular throughout much of the world, and for good reason -- they taste
great and can be incorporated easily in most recipes due to their mild flavor.
Interesting among the alkaline foods for your body, green beans have a very high silicon content.
Studies have shown that your connective tissue and bones need silicon.
Green beans, being full of silicon, may prove beneficial for your bones.

7. Cayenne Peppers 

Cayenne Peppers

Another surprising high-alkaline food is cayenne pepper.
Cayenne pepper is one of the most alkalizing foods, filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammation benefits.
This combination makes them handy for fighting off toxins.
Cayenne aids in digestion and metabolic function and has mood-boosting properties thanks to its ability to increase endorphins in your body.

8. almonds ammons 

almonds ammons

almonds ammons make a fantastic alkaline farming snack or addition to and recipe they are high in healthy fats which also makes them both filling and nutritious the high magnesium content of almonds is what makes them alkaline forming.

9. spinach 


Most leafy green vegetables are alkaline forming in the body, but spinach is one of our favorite because it's so versatile spinach is rich in chlorophyll vitamin K, vitamin A and so many more that it would take us all day to list them all try spinach in your morning green smoothie or an omelette or salad.

10. parsley 


Parsley is highly alkalizing food that's also excellent at cleansing the kidneys and assisting with digestion consume parsley in juice or as a nutrient-dense ingredient in many different dishes from soups to chilies to salad.

11. lemon 


Lemons are known to be one of the most satirizing foods out there lemon assisting with digestion and support the liver in liminating toxins from the body enjoying a glass of lemon water every morning is an excellent habit of working into your routine to help you feel great throughout the day.

12. Jalapeno 


Jalapeno not only are jalapenos alkaline forming but most peppers mild to spicy help our bodies maintain a healthy ph level those who enjoy jalapenos are a fantastic addition to alkaline diet that can help support the intra kind system and prevent free radicals in the body.

13. Garlic 


Garlic has been shown to prevent disease increase immunity and acts as a potent antibacterial in the body.

14. Avocados 


Avocado is of both nutrients and deliciousness avocado is a good source of healthy fats in addition to being alkalizing anti-inflammatory
and heart healthy.

15. Red onion 

Red onion

Lightly cooking onions in a bit of healthy fat might increase the level of alkalinity of onion but consuming them raw is also a fantastic choice as onion source a variety of nutritional benefits in addition to being alkalizing forming.

16. Cauliflower and Broccoli 

Cauliflower and Broccoli

this two veg contains several phytochemicals that are essential for our body toss it up with other veggies like capsicum beans and green peas, and you have your health toast right there.

17. Citrus fruits 

Citrus fruits

Contrary to the belief that citrus fruits are highly acidic and would have a cutting effect on the body, but they are the best alkaline food source try to add lemon lime and oranges to your daily food.

18. Seaweed and sea salt 


They are also considered highly alkaline food sources and can benefit the body system you can use keep in your bowl of soup or styrofries or make sushi at home or sprinkle some sea salt into your salads soups omelette etc.

19. Nuts 


Nuts are sources of good fats they also produce an alkaline effect in the body however since they are high in calories it is essential to have limited quantities of nuts include different nut in your daily meal plan.

20. Seasonal fruit 

Seasonal fruit

Every nutritionist and health expert will tell you that adding seasonal fruits to your daily diet can help your health they come with vitamins minerals and antioxidants that take care of various body functions.

21. leafy Green vegetables 

leafy Green vegetables

Most leafy Green vegetables are said to have an alkaline effect in our system they contain essential minerals that are necessary for the body to carry out various functions so we hope this video will help you to keep yourself healthy with alkaline food.

22. tomatoes 


Tomatoes are most alkaline when they are uncooked but contain many nutrients both raw and uncooked excellent vitamin C source digestive enzymes and a good source of vitamin b6 which is often difficult to find.

How to Become More Alkaline and Less Acidic ?.

Alkaline Diet means something much more than just food consumption.

PH level of our body greatly depends on the food we eat, but it also depends on our lifestyle.
It is very important that the blood is not too acidic. Try to maintain high body's pH levels in the following ways:

1. Eat Alkaline Diet

2. Take care of the health of the lungs and breathe properly

We can say in short that a majority of fruits and vegetables are alkaline foods, and meat, eggs, and a large percentage of dairy products are non-alkaline or acidic foods, because they cause an acid reaction.

Alkaline Diet is an easy way to stay healthy. There are a huge number of benefits, we will mention some of them:

1. It maintains proper cell functioning

2. It slows the aging process

3. It reduces Inflammation and pain

4. The fight against bacterial infection

5. The fight against Obesity.

Are these good enough reasons to try Alkaline Diet and Alkaline Foods?.

The human body is quite capable of maintaining an acid-alkaline balance, supplying the organs with all the necessary Nutrients.

Well-balanced and regular meals are basic prerequisites for our health.
Our diet should contain 60-80% of alkaline-forming foods and only 20-40% of acid-forming foods

Otherwise, if we don’t eat enough alkaline foods, our blood become acidic.
It can cause diabetes, kidney disease, it can damage your liver and other organs. Therefore, Alkaline Diet is a very good solution!
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