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Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients like iron calcium vitamin C, all things that your body needs in small amounts for your body to work properly basically.

 and by no means are these an alternative to living a healthy lifestyle or eating healthily, but if you've got a diet, you  just need that little bit of extra help and that comes in the form of vitamins and supplements.

So like I said before, vitamins are  essential to our body and skin, so actually if we don't have vitamins in our bodies, it can  actually cause adverse effects to our skin.

So if you didn't know already, vitamin C and E actually  plays a important role in protecting the skin from the sun.

So the deficiency of either vitamin can  increase the damage of your skin as well as skin cancer.

It's  important to take vitamins physically as food,  but if you actually put vitamins on your skin,  the effects on vitamins on your skin is likely to increase 40 times.

Now  we're going to talk about what types of vitamins have ?

what type of effects on our skin and our  bodies ?

1- vitamin A:

So the great thing about vitamin A is it helps with visual function, immune function,  metabolic function of the bone, hematopoietic,  and skin and cell health antioxidant function.

What are the foods  that we can eat? 

food for vitamin A
Well, there are so many,  but some of them are oranges, carrot, pumpkin,  and milk.

So since we just talked about vitamin A,  we're going to talk about a product that  reduces wrinkles, fades your brown spots,  and also smooths the roughness on your skin.

2- vitamin B:

It's a water-soluble vitamin that  plays an important role in celletabolism. And actually vitamin B comes in eight different  kinds of vitamin B.

So it strengthens the nervous system, and reduces the chances of  pancreatic cancer, helps maintain a healthy skin tone and helps with muscles, and helps with  metabolic action.

food for vitamin B
So for food we have pork, potatoes, eggs, and avocados, and all that good stuff.

Now  vitamin B is proven to increase the production of fatty acids and ceramides, because these are two key  components of our skin's outer protective barrier.

Now as the barrier is strengthened, the skin is  able to keep the moisture in and irritants out.

It prevents the transfer of pigmentation of skin  cells, it actually minimizes our dark spots. But if you want to reduce any irritation, use it with  niacinamide.

3- vitamin C:

vitamin C is also known as L-ascorbic acid.

It's a water soluble  vitamin that is presented in certain types of foods. And of course also provided in a dietary  supplement, so humans unlike animals, are unable to synthesize vitamin C and endogenously, so  therefore it's an essential dietary component.

Vitamin C is also a physiological antioxidant,  and is known to generate other antioxidants such as vitamin E. And it has great functions  like cancer prevention, cardiovascular health, and also common cold.

Also helps maintain the  skin tone, muscle health, as well as metabolic action. 

food for vitamin C

Now fruits and vegetables are the best  source of vitamin C. So it really triggers aging, sagging, and other aging changes. Not just that  but it helps smooth and firm the skin and also prevents dark spots.

4- vitamin E:

 Now vitamin  E is kind of a fat soluble vitamin and has a chemical name of tocopherol. It protects our  bodies from various toxins and carcinogens such as mercury, lead ozone, and nitrous oxide.

food for vitamin E

Food  includes nuts and seeds which are my favorite, I probably eat them like every meal, fruits,  tomatoes, broccoli, radish, and pumpkin. So it's proven to quell dryness, and maintain its  full skin moisture.

And if you have serious sun  exposure, it's really great to use as well.

So why is it good to use vitamin C and  E together? 

Vitamin  C and E supports its antioxidant function, and if you haven't heard, antioxidants play an important role in limiting damage to your  skin cells.

5- vitamin K:

It's a soluble type of vitamin that comes  in three different types, so it helps with the prevention of arterialsclerosis, also improving  osteoporosis through bone density improvement and even delay cancer cell growth.

food for vitamin K
So some foods  are green kale, beans, vegetable oil, spinach, and lamb meat.

So what does the vitamin K do for you? 

It helps improve dark circles.

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